Aiuká’s facilities have an Operations Center – COP Aiuká SP, in Praia Grande – SP, and an Operational Center – COP aiuká RJ, in Rio das Ostras – RJ.
COP Aiuká SP

The COP Aiuká SP shows an infrastructure appropriate for a wildlife rehabilitation in the admission, handling and rehabilitation processes of marine wildlife whether birds, mammals or reptiles.

With an area built of 750 square meters, it maintains all medical areas appropriate for the emergency service involving oiled wildlife:


• Reception and entry;
• Outpatient clinic;
• Quarantine area;
• Stabilization area for different species;
• Cleaning and washing of animals planned in order to gather contaminated effluents;
• Drying area;
• Movable and permanent enclosures, and movable and fixed swimming pools that have a specialized skimmers system..


It also has its own kitchen for the preparation and stock of animal food, laundry and warehouse for equipment. In addition to areas appropriate for wildlife rehabilitation, the COP Aiuká SP also has male and female changing rooms, personnel decontamination area, administrative area, meeting rooms, management room, work stations for 12 technicians, training room with capacity for 25 people and a cafeteria.

This is the most modern facility prepared solely for oiled wildlife rehabilitation in Brazil, with an structure compatible with responses to all emergency categorization levels (Tier 1 to 3).

Av. do Trabalhador, 1799 - Jardim Guaramar - Praia Grande - SP - Tel.: 55 (13) 3591-2255

COP Aiuká RJ

Aiuká also maintains an Operations Center in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Boca da Barra, district in Rio das Ostras. Opened in December of 2016, the base is located at a distance of 100 meters from the beach and cover an area built of 876 square meters, distributed in technical team and management rooms, outpatient clinic, hospital admission and eight places with solarium.


The external area has a swimming pool of 10 thousand liters, maintained daily with parameters suited for pH and chlorine. Now the training room has capacity for 18 people, with comfortable furniture and adequate equipment.


The new base will serve the expansion of the company’s activities in Rio de Janeiro and, so, as the COP SP, is a facility prepared solely for oiled wildlife rehabilitation and with a structure fully adequate to respond to all levels of emergency categorizations (Tier 1 to 3).

Rua Teresópolis, 136 - Boca da Barra - Rio das Ostras - RJ - Tel.: 55 (22) 2210-2119