Consultancy for Environmental Solutions

Aiuká assists in the reduction of potential impacts on marine wildlife and directs protection actions to wildlife in a preventive manner by means of its services and activities aimed at the preparedness and emergency response management in case of incidents arising from oil exploration and production. Aiuká also coordinates activities carried out in marinas, ports, terminals and refineries. In addition to these services, it develops a series of courses and training not only for the external public, but also for the internal one. Check out.

Wildlife protection plan (in Portuguese: PPAF) is an important strategic tool to direct response action in case of an accident with oil spill, and it’s one of the IBAMA’s requirements during the licensing process of new ventures in the energy and petroleum area. In addition to providing the mapping of areas and wildlife that may be potentially affected, the plan also concerns action strategies for wildlife protection during the incident and general information about animal species, conducting more rapid and efficient actions.


Aiuká is a pioneer in Brazil in the preparation of response action for the Monitoring Project of Impacts on Platforms and Vessels concerning Avifauna (PMAVE). This plan is also a IBAMA’s requirement and it’s used for directing response action in case of the occurrence of avifauna on the platform area and its surroundings. This project concerns the capture and reallocation of birds whose presence may endanger the safety of technicians and the operation; Aiuká still provides animal care, restoring and releasing them, besides carrying and performing a necropsy of those animals found dead, between other procedures.

Rescue Plan,
Translocation and
Transportation of

The purpose of these services is to help animals disabled and/or contaminated with oil or other similar product in accidental occurrences in areas where supporting units and support units to maritime units are located.

Aiuká provides the care needed for animals in order to rehabilitate and integrate them into their environment again.


A series of professional exchange programs are held to stimulate the share of technical knowledge with other institutions, as well as encourage the exercise in Aiuka’s activities-related practices.

Thus, it enables a constant updating in relation to organization works that are reference in their areas, while improving the training of Aiuká’s team in the best and most updated practices.


Aiuká offers courses for professionals and students of Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Oceanography, in addition to those interested in wildlife preservation.

Besides themes programmed by the institution itself, Aiuká has been demanded by other entities to share its technical knowledge since its operations center was opened, in November of 2014. New facilities provide an ideal infrastructure for courses, training and ventures of a kind, with a room with capacity for 25 people.


Different types of training are given by Aiuká and, among them, Responsible On-Board Technician, aimed at the training of SMS technicians that work on maritime platforms so that they respond and communicate any occurrence involving birds.

Aiuká is a precursor in that kind of training and the only wildlife management company that gives courses aboard of maritime units.

Training Program

Other kind of training is the Continued Training Program for Response to Wildlife in Oil Spill, aimed for technicians in the area of environment, energy industry and petroleum. They are trained in fundamental procedures for a first response to wildlife affected by oil, among them, an appropriate handling and the monitoring of animals.

Company’s professionals still participate or give training in other countries, mostly for their participation as team members of the International Bird Rescue (IBR) and International Fund of Animal Welfare (IFAW).


The practical exercise allows the practical training of professionals that will respond to, and control possible emergencies involving oil spill, evaluate the efficiency of emergency plans, test available resources, analyze related procedures, as well as prepare a response team to face true critical situations.

Aiuká assists in the planning and preparation, and participates in this kind of exercise, which shows a theoretical basis and involve different possible or intended scenarios in risk analysis studies.


Aiuká’s work is extended to the national territory in field trips to prepare Wildlife Protection Plans (in Portuguese: PPAF) for licensing exploration activities of energy and petroleum companies. This work is intended to make a strategic evaluation for the response to oiled wildlife and also includes meetings with competent agencies, visits to universities, research centers and Wildlife Screening and Rehabilitation Centers.

Participation in

Periodically, Aiuká attends to international events that join specialists of the areas of wildlife conservation, planning, response, rehabilitation and research about petroleum spills and their impacts on wildlife. An example is the world meeting “Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference (EOW), held every two years and that, in 2015, it was co-organized by Aiuká and International Bird Rescue, in Anchorage, Alasca (USA).